In the early 1860’s the Andrew Gowans and Hugh S. Gowans families, with John Heggie and Alexander Frazer, were given orders from LDS President Brigham Young to occupy vacated military barracks and begin the civilian population of Stockton.  Mining has always been a part of Stockton’s colorful history.  The first official claim was in 1865 and was located on an outcrop known as the Connor Shoot.  It became known as the Basin Mine but was later changed to the Honorine.  By 1866 Stockton had 40 houses and 400 inhabitants.  The first telephone in Tooele County was installed in the Honorine Mine in the 1890’s.  Stockton also has the distinction of being the first Utah community to have electric lights, and having the first smelter west of the Mississippi.


Location: On State Route 36 in Stockton six miles south of Tooele.

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