For a panoramic view of beautiful Tooele Valley, take a short drive toward Stockton.  As you near the top of Stockton Pass, watch for this monument placed on an outcropping of rock.  From here you can view South Mountain, the Stansbury Mountains, all of Tooele Army Depot, Grantsville, and Soldier’s Bridge, which was built by Col. Steptoe’s Army while it was stationed at Rush Lake.  Directly below is the old ghost town of Bauer (private property), the Honorine Tunnel, and the “end of the line” for the old Utah/Nevada Western Railroad (1885-1905).  Just south is the Stockton Bar, which is a natural sand bar created by wave action from ancient Lake Bonneville.  Visible to the north and east of State Route 36 is a glacier bench that was laid down during the last Ice Age.


Location: On the west side of State Route 36 six miles south of Tooele.

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