The Great Salt Lake Beaches – Black Rock and Garfield – The famous “Black Rock,” which lies on the edge of the Great Salt Lake’s southern shoreline, marks the entrance into Tooele County. This landmark was first seen by Brigham Young three days after his entrance into the Great Salt Lake Valley. The beach resorts consisting of Garfield, Black Rock and Lake Point beaches, ran along the south shore of the lake. Garfield Beach was famous for its pavilion and the mooring of the “city of Corrine.” This rather large boat was put into use for the purpose of carrying commercial trade between the north and south ends of the lake. Garfield Beach held the honor of the most popular spot to bathe and picnic until “Saltair” opened a few miles to the east and the waters of the lake started to recede. At that time, most of the small beaches were forced to close.

Tooele County Map

Location: Found on westbound I-80 view area at mile marker 101.

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