18-0101Legal Defender Conflicts Agreement Juvenile Court – Jordin J. Albers
18-01-02Contract Cancellation – Utility Cost Management Consultants
18-01-03Dispatch Service Agreement – Tooele County – Utah Department of Corrections
18-01-04Dispatch Service Agreement – Tooele County – Grantsville City
18-02-01ES&S Election Equipment Purchase Contract
18-02-02Bill of Sale Wendover Complex
18-02-032018 Cooperative Agreement for Utah State University Extension Services with Tooele County
18-02-04Legal Defender Agreement Juvenile Court Conflicts Counsel
18-04-01Contract for Legal Action Against Certain Manufacturers and Distributors for the Fraudulent and NegligentMarketing and Distribution of Opioids
18-04-02SR-138 and Midvalley Highway – Cooperative Maintenance Agreement between UDOT and Tooele County
18-04-03Dispatch service Agreement – Tooele County – Tooele City
18-04-04Amendment #4 to Contract #160807 – Department of Health Services
18-04-05Naming Right Agreement – Motocross Track at Deseret Peak Complex – Steadman’s Recreation
18-04-06Operation Agreement for Deseret Peak BMX Track – Steve Wagner
18-04-07Operation Agreement for Deseret Peak MX Track – Grassroots MX and Steadman’s MX Park
18-04-08Operation Agreement for Deseret Peak AX Track – Grassroots MX
18-04-09ES&S Election Services Agreement
18-04-10Tooele County Legal Defender Conflicts Agreement – Cory A. Caldwell
18-04-11Tooele County Legal Defender Conflicts Agreement – Steven B. Ward
18-04-12Stipulation for 2016 for ATI Property Taxes Value
18-04-13Eide Bailly Tooele Engagement Letter for Independent Audit
18-05-01Integrated Voting Systems, Inc. (IVS) Election Materials Printing Contract
18-05-022018 Management Agreement – Utah Motorsports Campus, Inc.
18-05-03Agreement Between ClearSky Environmental, Inc., a Wyoming Corporation and Tooele County
18-05-04Cooperative Forest Road Agreement – Maintenance and Operating Plan
18-05-05Children’s Justice Center and MHTN Architects for new Children’s Justice Center Building
18-05-06Cooperative Agreement Between Tooele County and the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife Resources #181771
18-05-07ISM Grant #181788 – Department of Agriculture and Food
18-05-08ISM Grant # 181789 – Department of Agriculture and Food
18-05-09NYHART Service Agreement
18-05-10Legal Defender Agreement – District Court and Drug Court – Jordin J. Albers
18-05-11Legal Defender Agreement – District Court – Jacob L. Linares
18-05-12Legal Defender Agreement – District Court – Richard J. Tanner
18-05-13Legal Defender Agreement – Justice Court – Jacob L. Linares
18-05-14Legal Defender Agreement – Justice Court – Richard J. Tanner
18-05-15Legal Defender Agreement – Juvenile Court – Jacob L. Linares
18-05-16Legal Defender Agreement – Juvenile Court – David J. Angerhofer
18-05-172018 Management Agreement – Utah Motorsports Campus, Inc. same as 18-05-02
18-06-01Children’s Justice Center – Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) – State Contract #180079
18-06-02Children’s Justice Center Mental Health Treatment Provider (Valley Behavioral Health) Contract Services
18-06-03Cooperative Forest Road Agreement Between Tooele County, State of Utah, The USDA, Forest Service Intermountain Region, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest
18-06-04Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Grant Agreement
18-06-05SOU, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife Resources – State Contract #181771.
18-06-06BLM UT – State OFC ADM SVCS BR – Weeds
18-06-07Notice of Award – Village Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation Project Phase I
18-06-08Public Entity Resolution – Certification of Authorized Individuals
18-06-09Utah Motorsports Campus, Inc. – Utah Deed of Trust
18-07-01Dispatch Service Agreement – Tooele County and Mountain West Ambulance Service
18-07-02Grant Administrator Services Agreement – Cindy Coombs
18-07-03Amendment #4 to State Contract #160225 – Children’s Justice Center
18-07-04Amendment #1 to State Contract #172133 – Department of Human Services
18-07-05County Certification for DHS
18-07-06Dispatch Services Agreement – Tooele County and Wendover City
18-07-07Dispatch Service Agreement – Tooele County and North Tooele Fire District
18-07-08Dispatch Service Agreement – Tooele County and Tooele City
18-08-01Indigent Burial Services Contract – Tate Mortuary
18-08-02ATI Property Tax Settlement
18-08-03Dispatch Services Agreement – Tooele County and State of Utah, Department of Safety
18-08-04Engineering Services Agreement – Hansen, Allen & Luce, Inc.
18-08-05Engagement Letter for Representation on Joint Planning Effort – Snow, Christensen & Martineau
18-08-06BOE Hearing Officer Agreement – James B. Ivie
18-08-07Purchase and Sale Agreement for Real Property Between Hogan Brothers, Inc. and Tooele County
18-08-08Purchase and Sale Agreement for Real Property Between Tristan Sherwood and Tooele County
18-08-10Notice of Impending (Withdrawal) Boundary Action – Saddleback SSD
18-08-11Notice of Termination of 2018 Management Agreement – UMC
18-09-01CDBG – Wasatch Front Regional Council
18-09-02Predator Control Contract – State of Utah
18-09-03Second Amendment to Development Agreement – Saddleback Partners
18-10-01JIVE Phone System
18-10-02Fiber-Optic Communications Interconnection Interlocal Cooperation Agreement
18-10-03Contract for Management of the Terra Fire Department, Terra Volunteer Firefighters, and County Fire Apparatus – Equipment Assigned to the Terra Fire Department
18-10-04UDOT Cooperative Agreement Pedestrian Crossing in Stansbury
18-10-05Agreement Between Tooele County Ranch 77
18-10-06Purchase and Sale Agreement – UMC – MiTime Utah Investment, LLC
18-10-07Skywalk PUD Development Agreement
18-10-08Purchase Agreement – Adobe Holding Trust – Village boulevard
18-10-09Subcontractor’s Agreement – CDBG – WFRC
18-10-10Legal Defenders Conflict Agreement – Andrew K. Stagg
18-10-11Quit Claim Deed – Village Boulevard Extension
18-10-12Requirements for the Operation of the Justice Court in Tooele County
18-10-13Second Amendment to Development Agreement for Boyer-Plumb Stansbury LC, Stansbury Place
18-11-01Interlocal Agreement for Solid Waste Disposal
18-11-02Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention – Skull Valley Goshutes
18-11-03Real Estate Purchase Contract – Clar’s Auto Center
18-11-04Real Estate Purchase Contract – CCSC Enterprises Inc. (Clayton Towers)
18-11-05Amended and Restated Master Development Agreement for Lakeview Business Park
18-11-06Development Agreement for Shoshone Village
18-11-07Purchase and Sale Agreement between Tooele County and MiTime Utah Investment, LLC – UMC
18-11-08Purchase Agreement with KS State for Landfill Equipment
18-11-09UDOT Cooperative Agreement – Mormon Trail Road, Phase II
18-12-01EMS Grant Funds – Tooele County Sheriff and Health Department
18-12-02Memorandum of Understanding – Tooele County and UDOT For Project – Midvalley Highway
18-12-03Real Estate Purchase Contract – Nu Cleaners LLC
18-12-04Grant for Monument Replacement and Restoration Committee Funding
18-12-05Notice of Impending Boundary Action – Saddleback SSD
18-12-06County Seat, Sponsorship Agreement
18-12-07Signed Notice to Proceed for New Children’s Justice Center – Valley Design & Construction
18-12-08Lease Agreement Between Kennecott Utah Copper and Tooele County – Middle Canyon
18-12-09Government Relations Michael Best Strategies – Jeff Harley Agreement
18-12-10Larsen CPA – Independent Audit – Tooele County Recreation SSD
18-12-11Larson CPA – 2018 Independent Audit Engagement Letter – Contract
18-12-12Dispatch Service Agreement – Tooele County – Bureau of Indian Affairs – 2018
18-12-13County Software License Agreement – Sheriff’s Department – CorEMR LC
18-12-14Village Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation – Phase 1 – Tooele County and Kilgore Contracting
18-12-15Purchase Agreement Between Kilgore Erda Pitt, LLC and Tooele County for Extension of Village Boulevard
18-12-16Duke Lane Roadway Dedication Plat, Stansbury Park (DED 2018-03)
18-12-17Road Dedication for the Realignment of Pole Canyon Road and Center Street in Stansbury Park – Lake Point (VAC DED 2018-02)
18-12-18Road Dedication for the Extension of Center Street in Stansbury Park – Lake Point (DED 2018-01)
18-12-19Road Dedication for the Extension of Village Boulevard East – Stansbury Park (DED 2018-02)
18-12-20Interlocal Agreement – Tooele County and Park and Recreation Services in Stansbury Park, Utah
18-12-21Agreement Between Tooele County and Country Fan Fest, Inc. for Use of Deseret Peak Complex
18-12-22Bid Award for Erda West Region Interceptor Sewer Line – Newman Construction
18-12-23Master Development Agreement for Adobe Rock Ranch A Master Planned Community
18-12-24Agreement Between Tooele County and Newman Construction for Construction of Approximately 5.7 miles of Sewer Line Along SR-138 and Sheep Lane in Tooele County
18-12-25Tooele Valley Tourism Engagement Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding – Tooele County and State Street Partners