2011-01A Resolution Designating Frank J. Park as the Representative for Tooele County in Securing the Transfer of Surplus Federal Property.
2011-02A Resolution Proclaiming March 30, 2011 As “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”
2011-03A Resolution Enacting a Temporary Signage Plan, Allowing Banner Signs Within the Public Right-of-Way on Sheep Lane, A Tooele County Owned Property
2011-04A Resolution Transferring Jurisdiction from Tooele County to Grantsville City For That Portion Of Ellerbeck Road Located Within Grantsville City’s Municipal Boundary
2011-05A Resolution Initiating Proceedings Relating to the Adding of Cemetery Service as a Service Authorized to be Provided by the Stansbury Greenbelt Service Area, Pursuant to the Requirements of the Local District Act, §17B-1-201, ET Seq. Utah Code Annotated (1953), As Amended; Setting a Time and Place for a Public Hearing Thereon; Providing for Publication of Notice of its Intentions with Respect Thereto; Providing for the Receipt of Written Protests and Related Matters
2011-06A Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Tooele County, State of Utah, Adopting the 2011 Tax Rates and Property Tax Revenue Budget Amounts
2011-07A Resolution Amending Section 18, Alcohol and Drug Use Screening, Testing, and Treatment; And Treatment for Commercial Driver License Holders of the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.
2011-08A Resolution Amending Section 9, Career Planning and Performance Management, and Section 13, Employee Benefits, of the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual
2011-09A Resolution Of The Board Of County Commissioners Of Tooele County, Utah (The “Issuer”) Authorizing The Issuance And Sale Of Not More Than $550,000 Aggregate Principal Amount Of Sales Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2011, Fixing The Maximum Aggregate Principal Amount Of The Bonds, The Maximum Number Of Years Over Which The Bonds May Mature, The Maximum Interest Rate Which The Bonds May Bear, And The Maximum Discount From Par At Which The Bonds May Be Sold; Delegating To Certain Officers Of The Issuer The Authority To Approve The Final Terms And Provisions Of The Bonds Within The Parameters Set Forth Herein; Providing For The Publication Of A Notice Of Public Hearing And Bonds To Be Issued; Providing For The Running Of A Contest Period; Authorizing The Execution By The Issuer Of A Supplemental Indenture Of Trust, Bond Purchase Agreement, And Other Documents Necessary For The Issuance Of The Series 2011 Bonds; Authorizing The Taking Of All Other Actions Necessary To The Consummation Of The Transactions Contemplated By This Resolution; And Related Matters.
2011-10A Resolution Adopting the Fiscal Year 2012 Budget for Tooele County and Establishing the Salaries of the Tooele County Officers
2011-11A Resolution Adjusting the 2011 Tooele County Budget
2011-12Resolution Approving and Authorizing the Execution of a Fifth Amended Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with Other Member of Utah Counties Indemnity Pool, Relation to the Establishment, Funding and Operation of Utah Counties Indemnity Pool