2005-01Amending Tooele County Personnel Policies and Procedures Section 9, Reduction in Force and Termination.
2005-02Establishing Fees for all Future Waste Disposal Contracts for Power Plant Debris.
2005-03Amending Personnel Policies and Procedures Section 6, Employee Status; Clarifying and Re-Defining Provisions Regarding Part-Time Employees, the Director of Human Resource Management, Sheriff’s Lieutenants, On-Call Employees and Students.
2005-04A Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Tooele County, Utah (The “Issuer”) Finalizing the Terms and conditions of the Issuance and Sale by the Issuer of its Sales Tax Revenue Bonds Series 2005 in the Aggregate Principal Amount of $2,645,000 (The “Series 2005 Bonds”); Providing for the Pledging of Certain Sales Tax Revenues of Tooele County, Utah for the Payment of Said Bonds; Authorizing the Execution by the Issuer of a Second Supplemental Indenture of Trust and a Bond Purchase Agreement, and Other Documents Required in Connection Therewith; Authorizing and Approving an Official Statement; Ratifying and Approving the Use of a Preliminary Official Statement; and Authorizing the Taking of all other Actions Necessary to the Consummation of the Transaction Contemplated by this Resolution; and Related Matters.
2005-05Authorizing FLPMA Title V Application for a new IOSEPA Access Road.
2005-06Amending Personnel Policies and Procedures Section 15, Leave; Clarifying Leave for Departments with Flexible Work Schedules, Limiting the Accrual of Paid Holiday Leave, Amending References to the Department of Human Resource Management, and making Technical Corrections.
2005-07Adopting Fees for Municipal Solid Waste Facilities.
2005-08Amending Personnel Policies and Procedures Section 11.C, Requiring Compensatory Time to be used before Vacation Leave.
2005-09Appointing the Human Resources Director as the Safety Officer for Tooele county, Responsible for the Implementation of a Workers’ Compensation Loss Control Program.
2005-10Appointing Members to the Workers’ Compensation Accident Board.
2005-11Adopting the 2005 Tax Rates and Property Tax Revenue Budget Amounts.
2005-12Amending Personnel Policies and Procedures Section 16.D and Section 16.H, Clarifying to Whom Employee Vehicle Accidents Need to be Reported, Clarifying the Policy Regarding Use of Seat Belts, and Establishing a Written Policy for Cell Phone Usage.
2005-13Tentatively Adopting the Tentative budget for Fiscal Year 2006, and Establishing the Time and Place of a Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of the Final Budget.
2005-14Amending Personnel Policies and Procedures Section 13, Employee Benefits, to Reflect Actual Procedures and Practices as they relate to Insurance and Retirement, and making technical corrections.
2005-15Declaring that the Public Health, Convenience, and Necessity Require the Annexation of Additional Are to the Tooele County Recreation Special Service District; Defining the Boundaries of Said Special Service District and the Services to be Provided Therein; Providing for a Hearing on the Amendment of the special Service District; Providing for Notice of the Hearing and Related Matters.
2005-16Combining Personnel Policies and Procedures Sections 14 and 16 into a new section 14, Occupational Safety and Health and Employee Accidents and Injuries; to Reflect Actual Procedures and Practices as they relate to Reporting Accidents and Injuries; Adding a new Provision Establishing a Return to Work-Transitional Duty Program; and Making Technical Corrections.
2005-17Authorizing Tooele County’s Application for Designation as a Preserve America Community.
2005-18Appointment of a Tooele County Representative and an Alternate Representative for the Utah Counties Insurance Pool Annual Membership Meeting.
2005-19Setting Fees at the Solid Waste Facility.
2005-20Adopting the Fiscal Year 2006 Budget for Tooele County and Establishing the Salaries of the Tooele County Officers.
2005-21Adjusting the 2005 Tooele County Budget.
2005-22Setting Fees at the Solid Waste Facility.