The Tooele County Surveyor’s Office has been charged by the State of Utah with maintaining, replacing, and publishing coordinates of survey monuments in Tooele County. This duty is our number one priority.

Locations and Tie Sheet information for government maintained survey monuments in Tooele County can be found on Eagle Web by searching Section, Township and Range.

Monument Encroachment Permit

A person, company, or agency who finds it necessary to disturb a survey monument for any reason, shall notify the County Surveyor and obtain a Monument Encroachment Permit at least five (5) business days before commencing activities which would disturb the survey monument. In accordance with the terms of the Monument Encroachment Permit, the party responsible for disturbing a survey monument is the liable party which will be responsible for ensuring that a new replacement monument is constructed. 

Because survey monuments are the key to accurately locating real property and public infrastructure it is essential that they be preserved in their original location. Federal, State, and County law prohibit the destruction of a survey monument. The penalty for any damage to, disruption, removal, or covering with a hard surface of a monument in Tooele County is:

Street Monument Installation Requirements

Street monuments must be installed in accordance with APWA: Utah Chapter standards found in Plans 272-275. Visit APWA (American Public Works Association) Utah Chapter, Utah Standard Plans and Specifications for more information.