Policies and Procedures Disclaimer

The policies and procedures contained in this manual in its present form, or as amended, do not create a binding contract between Tooele County and its employees or any third parties. Nor are any other obligations or liabilities created by this manual for Tooele County. Tooele County reserves the right to change the policies and procedures contained in this manual and any or all other terms or conditions of employment with Tooele County at any time for any reason.

If any policies and procedures contained in department policies and procedures manuals, other department materials, directives, policies, or job descriptions, whether written or verbal, are in conflict with or are inconsistent with this manual, materials, or directives, they are superseded by this manual, Tooele County, and Tooele County Human Resource Department policies, procedures, materials, directives, and job descriptions, to the extent of said conflict or inconsistency.

The Tooele County Council approved a new Personnel Policy effective January 1, 2024. To view the policy click here.