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Zoning Index Map

Chapter 1General Provisions
Chapter 2Definitions
Chapter 3General Plan, Zoning and Amendments
Chapter 4Supplementary and Qualifying Regulations
Chapter 5Nonconforming Buildings and Uses
Chapter 6Off-Street Parking Requirements
Chapter 7Conditional Uses
Chapter 8Nuisances
Chapter 9Repealed
Chapter 10Mobile and Manufactured Homes
Chapter 11Recreational Uses and Recreational Coach Parks
Chapter 12Site Plan Review
Chapter 13Construction Subject to Geologic, Flood, or Other Natural Hazard
Chapter 14Zoning Districts
Chapter 15Multiple Use, Agricultural, and Rural Residential Districts
Chapter 16Residential and Multiple Residential Districts
Chapter 17Commercial, Industrial, and hazardous Industries Zoning Districts
Chapter 17ACommercial Tourism, Recreation and Racing Sports, and Technology Industries Zoning Districts
Chapter 18Hazardous Waste Industries
Chapter 19Large Wind Energy Systems
Chapter 20Residential Facilities for Elderly and Disabled Persons
Chapter 21Wildland/Urban Interface Overlay Zone (WUI)
Chapter 22Railroad Travel Influence District (R-T)
Chapter 23Highway Access District (HA)
Chapter 24Sign Regulations
Chapter 25Drinking Water Source Protection Overlay Zone
Chapter 26Construction Debris and Municipal Solid Waste Zones
Chapter 27Mining, Quarry, Sand, and Gravel Excavation Zone (MG-EX)
Chapter 28Siting of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities
Chapter 29Pine Canyon Environmental Overlay Zone
Chapter 30Regulation of All Mining, Quarry, Sand and Gravel Operations
Chapter 31Planned Community Zone (P-C)
Chapter 33Naming and Numbering of Streets and Buildings
Chapter 35Subdivisions
Chapter 37Medical Cannabis Facilities
Table of ChangesLand Use Ordinance of Tooele County