Provide those services enumerated in Section 17-6-1, U.C.A. 1953 as amended (water, sewage, storm and flood water, electricity, and natural gas services).


Golden Gardens Subdivision, except lots 1, 2, 13, 14, 24 and all of Golden Gardens Subdivision Addition Number One.


Appointed by the county commission pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 17A-2-305.  Three trustees were originally appointed under Tooele County Resolution 82-4: Gary Brown, Jerry Mallis, and Jerry Jones.  The district was reactivated on February 14, 1995 when the commission in Resolution No. 95-3 appointed Lucy Jordan and Douglas Lawson.  Jerald Mallis was still serving from his original appointment.


County Commissioners

Board Members

Erik Stromberg
County Council

Kendall Thomas
County Council

Scott Wardle
County Council

Tye Hoffmann
County Council

Jared Hamner
County Council