Adopted by Ordinance 2022-07 February 1, 2022


The board shall; (1) Evaluate proposals for he establishment of industrial protection areas
and make recommendations to the council about whether such proposals should be accepted; (2) Upon request provide expert advice to the planning commission and to the council about; (a) the desirability of proposal; (b) the nature of the industrial use within the proposed area; (c) the relation of the industrial use in the area to the county as a whole; and (d) the industrial use(s) that should be allowed within the proposed area and; (3) Perform other duties as required by the Utah Code Title 17, Chapter 41.

Governing Body

The board shall consist of no more than five members, all appointed by the Council. The Council may elect to defer to the appointment of members to the board until after the filing of a proposal to create an industrial protection area.


(1) Board members’ terms shall be for four-year terms. (2) Board members shall not receive compensations for their service but may receive per diem and travel expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.