Wendover Airport

After Hours Call-Out Phone:
(435) 240-0000
A call-out fee will apply.

Located just off I-80 at the edge of the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah’s west desert, the Wendover Airport, the world’s only remaining, fully operational airport of the World War II era, accommodates military, commercial, and general aviation uses.

Through its operation, the Wendover Airport serves the aviation needs not only of Utah and Nevada but also of the entire Intermountain West. Passengers from many cities throughout the West and Midwest deplane at the airport to enjoy the casinos, five star entertainment and dining only



The airport’s impressive history began in 1940 when the United States Military selected an immense tract of wilderness property as the site for Wendover Airfield. During World War II, the Wendover Air Base operated primarily as a training site for the crews of B17, B24 and B29 aircraft, including the Enola Gay and Bockscar, the crews of which were responsible for the first deployment of nuclear weapons over Japan in 1945 and the John T. Brinkman Service Club.